Funding Services

Based on a strong demand from our clients located the World over, we have spent this past year setting up funding ways and sources for their projects.

We are glad to announce that whether the project is at its infancy stage, in a startup mode, an existing concern or a full-fledged business, we have ways to either raise money for them or find potential acquirers.

Hereinafter is a non-exhaustive list of the various ways that we have developed in conjunction with our regulated funding partners and or private investors.

Our regulated partners are mostly located in the UK and Germany and adhere to a strict AML policy as evidenced by their regulated status and in conformity with our own stringent AML policies.

  1. EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme UK)
  2. Amounts: 150,000 £ to 1,000,000 £

    For businesses that are at an early development stage or just in need for financing via sale of shares.
    Excluded Business Activities
    _Dealing in land
    _Dealing in commodities, futures or goods with exceptions for wholesaling and retailing
    _Dealing in shares, securities or other financial instruments
    _Banking, insurance, money lending, debt factoring, hire purchase financing and other financial activities
    _Leasing, including the letting of assets on hire subject to a waiver for certain lettings of ships on charter
    _Receiving royalties or license fees subject to waivers in certain cases
    _Providing legal or accountancy services
    _Property development
    _Farming and market gardening
    _Activities concerned with forestry and timber production
    _Coal and steel production
    _Operating or managing hotels and similar establishments
    _Operating or managing nursing homes and residential care homes
    All others accepted
    Please be advised that its a sale of shares and as such does not incur any debt only new shareholders for whom you have to perform. 
  3. Bond Issue
  4. Amounts: from 300,000 £ to 4,000,000 £ Interest coupon on notes: 10 to 12 % in £ Term 5 to

    Submission of executive summary. If accepted by bond traders (they have clients willing to buy) then client has to pay a set fee. This includes the incorporation of a UK Company that will take over existing foreign company and preparation of prospectus.
    Success fee is payable once funds are raised. Annual cost for bonds: 0.5 % of face value of the bonds sold at auction. 
  5. Reverse Merger
  6. Amounts: From 2,000,000 Dollars upwards

    Acquisition of a fully reporting non trading US Public Company. Submission of all relevant documents in order to make the company fully trading. Funds raising via extensive list of US and International funders which prefer and or are obligated to invest in publicly traded stocks. 
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